Automating OpsMgr Part 7: Updated OpsMgrExtended Module


This is the 7th instalment of the Automating OpsMgr series. Previously on this series:

I dedicated part 4-6 on creating and managing groups using the OpsMgrExtended module. I was going to continue on this topic and demonstrate how to update group discovery in part 7 (this post), but unfortunately there is a change of plan. While I was preparing for the group discovery update runbook, I noticed I had to firstly cover how to add reference MPs before I can talk about updating group discoveries. I then realised there was a small bug in the New-OMManagementPackReference. Therefore, I have decided to update the OpsMgrExtended module first, before continuing the topics of managing groups.

What’s New?

In this release (version 1.1), I have made the following updates:

  • Bug fix: New-OMTCPPortMonitoring fails when not using the the SMA connection object.
  • Bug fix: New-OMManagementPackReference returned incorrect result when the alias is already used
  • Additional Function / Activity: New-OMComputerGroupExplicitMember
  • Additional Function / Activity: New-OMInstanceGroupExplicitMember
  • Additional Function / Activity: Update-OMGroupDiscovery

In Part 5 and 6, I demonstrated 2 runbooks to add explicit members to computer groups and instance groups. As I mentioned in those posts, I would make those 2 runbooks as native functions within the module, hence the new functions New-OMComputerGroupExplicitMember and OMInstanceGroupExplicitMember. So instead of using the long and complicated runbooks from Part 5 and 6, with this updated version, you can now use very simple runbooks as shown below:

Runbook: Add-ComputerToComputerGroup

Runbook: Add-ObjectToInstanceGroup

How to Download Updated version?

I have updated the original link, so you can download this updated version at TY Consulting’s web site:


With the updated module in place, I will continue my discussion on managing groups. In the next part of this series, I will demonstrate how to add a management pack reference to an unsealed management pack.

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