HybridWorkerToolkit PowerShell Module Updated to Version 1.0.3

Few days ago, I published a PowerShell Module to be used on Azure Automation Hybrid Workers called HybridWorkerToolkit. You can find my blog article HERE.

Yesterday, my good friend and fellow CDM MVP Daniele Grandini (@DanieleGrandini) gave me some feedback, so I’ve updated the module again and incorporated Daniele’s suggestions.

This is the list of updates in this release:

  • A new array parameter for New-HybridWorkerEventEntry called “-AdditionalParameters”. This parameter allows users to insert an array of additional parameters to be added in the event data:


  • A new Boolean parameter for New-HybridWorkerEventEntry called “-LogMinimum”. This is an optional parameter with the default value of $false. When this parameter is set to true, other than the user specified messages and additional parameters, only the Azure Automation Job Id will be logged as event data:


As we all know, we pay for the amount of data gets injected into our OMS workspace, this parameter allows you to minimise the size of your events (thus saves money on your OMS spending).

I have published this new release to both GitHub and PowerShell Gallery.


  1. This is nice, just one question, not 100% related to this but anyway. I have a script that verifys some things on clients in my network. If check fails it logs to local eventlog, event forwarding is turned on and logs gets forwarded to the (SCCM)server.

    (SCCM)Server does have the OMS Agent installed and logs are forwarded to the OMS portal. Problem is that the forwarded events from the CLIENTS does not show up in the OMS Portal.

    This is because the “Computer” property on the Eventlog entry has the CLIENTS computername set on those forwarded events and it looks like only events tagged with the OMS connected computername can be seen in the portal?

    Is there a way to get around this?

    Should I consider this a bug or a feature?

      1. Thank you for your Quick reply, I would defenitely prefer to not deploy the OMS Agent to our 30K clients if possible.

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