OpsMgr 2016 Agent Crashes SharePoint 2016 Site

Today I pushed the SCOM 2016 agent to my newly installed SharePoint 2016 server via the SCOM console. My SCOM management group is on 2016 RTM UR 3.

Once the SCOM agent was installed, I could not launch SharePoint Central Admin site after a reboot. After turned off the custom error in web.config, I could see the exception:


This is caused by the known issue with SCOM 2016 agent APM component (Application Performance Monitoring). My good friend Kevin Greene has already blogged this: http://kevingreeneitblog.blogspot.com.au/2017/03/scom-2016-agent-crashing-legacy-iis.html

So to fix my issue, I followed Kevin’s instruction – reinstalled the SCOM agent using MOMAgent.msi with the “NOAPM=1” parameter.

Until the SCOM product group fixes this issue, please keep in mind this can be a potential issue when rolling out SCOM agent to IIS servers.


  1. The NOAPM=1 can give issues with missing performance counters when updating with UR later, so the UR update must also be installed with NOAPM=1. Otherwise use SCOM2012 agent on those SPS servers

  2. From MS support:
    “Client-side .NET Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is not supported for SharePoint. Enabling client-side .NET Application Performance Monitoring for SharePoint can result in unpredictable application behavior and failures.”

    So as a conclusion, the SharePoint APM issue is not resolved in UR4. The workarounds that we officially suggested after UR3 are still the same after UR4 for the SharePoint case:
    • If APM feature is required on that server: downgrade SCOM Agent to 2012 R2 and continue monitoring;
    • If APM feature is not required on that server: keep SCOM 2016 Agent and re-install it with “NOAPM=1” in the setup command line

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