Inside OMS Book V2 Released

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Few days ago, the Inside OMS Book version 2 has been released as a free ebook to the TechNet Gallery:

A lot has changed since the first release of the book and even when we were writing the version 2, I constantly feel that we are shooting a moving target. Now looking back, we have been working very very hard over the last 10 months. Comparing with version 1, the size of the book increased from ~450 pages and 12 chapters to ~750 pages and 17 chapters.  This time, other than the authors, we are fortunate that we have 5 awesome fellow MVP reviewers and provided great help in this project.

We are planning for a small update to include Kusto search language before releasing the Kindle version. In the meantime, I strongly recommend you to download the free copy from TechNet and if you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact us (the contact email is mentioned in the book).

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