YouTube Video - Azure Bicep Vs Terraform Overview

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AzureTar is a YouTube Channel focuses on all aspect of Azure. It’s hosted by Jorge Arteiro (@JorgeArteiro) and Fernando Rolnik (@FernandoRolnik).

Jorge and I have known each other for few years since Jorge was an Azure MVP before he joined Microsoft. We are both living in Melbourne, and right now Jorge and I are team mates working on the same project. When Jorge asked me to become a guest in their AzureTar YouTube channel few months ago, I happily accepted offer. So far we have produced a number of videos already.

Yesterday, we got together and produced another video with the title Azure Bicep vs Terraform Overview. This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while and now that we are still on the Christmas and New Years holidays, I finally had time to prepare the material and record it. In this video we have discussed the differences and similarities between Azure Bicep and Terraform based on our experiences with Bicep and Terraform:

Here’s a list of other videos I was part of on the AzureTar channel so far in case you’ve missed them:

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