This is the 18th instalment of the Automating OpsMgr series. Previously on this series:

Before I diving into the topic of creating generic rules using the New-OMRule function from the OpsMgrExtended module, I have updated this module again. It is now on version 1.2.

I was working on another project and I needed to use the New-OMRule function to create rules and I realised this function did not support specifying optional RunAs accounts for member modules. As I needed to create rules that use a RunAs account in the data source module, I had to update this function to accommodate it.

Additionally, as I mentioned in the previous post (Part 17), there is a bug in the New-WindowsServiceTemplateInstance function, where the description field is not populated. I have also fixed it in this release.

What’s New?

So, in summary, here’s what’s changed:

  • Updated OM-Rule function to allow specifying optional RunAs profile for each member module.
  • Fixed the issue in New-WindowsServiceTemplateInstance function where the description field is not populated.

Where to Download V1.2?

I have updated the original link, so you can download this updated version from:


Now that I’ve updated and enhanced the New-OMRule function I will demonstrate how to create rules using this function as planned in the next module.

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